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Public exposure to the 
Altcoin Market
and DeFi sector


About New World Solutions Inc.

New World Solutions Inc. Is an established blockchain company.  In March, 2021 a new management team was brought in.

We repositioned the company to provide investors with exposure to  Altcoins and utilizing our blockchain expertise to provide investors with other DeFi opportunities. We acquired Babbage Mining, Beyond The MoonNew World, Optimum Coin Analyser and dmEVS.


Crypto Acquisitions

Through strategic acquisitions, Graph is assembling a collection of products and technologies that will lead the DeFi market and offer an unprecedented investment for shareholders.


Babbage Mining Corp.

Altcoin Mining & Storage Proof of Stake Mining (PoS)


Beyond the Moon Inc.

Leading Crypto Launchpads


New World Inc.

First Augmented Reality NFTSales and Distribution Platform


Optimum Coin Analyser Inc.

Building a SaaS coin trading research tool



Mobile EV solutions designed to combat range anxiety


Optimum Coin Analyser

SaaS coin trading research tool 
Incorporate military grade AI to better filer many of the trading signals

We are currently back testing the software and have received very good results.

We plan on trading with the software internally in early Q1 2022 and launching to customers in mid to late Q1 2022.

Coin Analyst on the CSE trades at a market cap of approx. $20 million. We believes we are further ahead and have a better product. At that valuation this spin out could be worth $0.05 per share to current shareholders.  



Altcoin Mining & Storage

There are innumerable real-world applications for blockchain technology and first movers are establishing themselves now. Altcoins are the natural progression – or evolution – and a very exciting part of the first mover wave.

Beyond the Moon Coordinators

Simplifying the most Most Exciting Opportunity in Crypto - Launchpads
What is a Crypto Launchpad

Launchpads introduce new Crypto Tokens to the market providing early access.
Beyond the Mood Coordinators specialize in Crypto Launchpads,
facilitating the access to early stage Crypto Tokens.

New World

New World Solutions Inc. Completes Acquisition of New World
About New World Inc.

New World is an augmented reality art-focused NFT company that allows creators, musicians, and celebrities to have access to an NFT distribution canvas to create and sell digital art. By selling digital art, artists are able to reach a broader market (both geographically and demographically), and as a result of the blockchain, continue to benefit financially through economic participation in future sales. New World has built this platform and has already signed such notable artists as Diogo Snow, who has produced numerous pieces for celebrity clients including Drake, and Fetty Wap, an American rapper, singer and songwriter who has over 6.5 million Instagram Followers, as well as many others.

Niftable Inc.

New World Solutions Inc. Completes Acquisition of Niftable Inc.
About Niftable Inc.

Niftable's core business is to connect charities and their artists to the NFT (non-fungible token) world. Niftable provides the expertise and execution of NFTs from the creation of the NFT to the sale and post-sale of NFTs on behalf of their charity clients. Most charities rely on volunteers and lack expertise in the emerging NFT world and that is where Niftable fills that void.


New World Solutions Inc. Completes Acquisition of dmEVS
About dmEVS

We have state-of-the-art EV charging stations across BC and offer On-demand Services to ensure that you're always charged and ready to hit the road with confidence. 

" We feel pretty confident that Bitcoin is less risky than holding cash, less  risky than holding gold. "

- Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy Inc.


Decentralized Finance

The world of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is an ever evolving and rapidly expanding sector.  We believe our unique position as the first mover in public markets will generate significant interest and new opportunities for our shareholders. 


New World Solutions Inc.




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